Cedarwood Essential Oil

The magic potion of Cedarwood Essential Oil: take a break and relax

The notable features of Cedarwood Essential Oil are admirable because of the fact that it is widely used not only by proficient beauty therapists, or aesthetic practitioners, and image consultants, as well as psychotherapists who want their customers and patients to look and feel good, but it also enhances the relaxation technique after a day’s hard work. It has a soft, comforting and pleasurable smell that directly affects our olfactory sense, and on prolonged smelling, it can also give out a small sandalwood smell. The color may fluctuate from being whitish yellow, to twilight orange, and the texture of this oil is slightly glutinous.

Historical findings about this product authenticates that the foundation of Cedarwood tree is in Northern parts of America, and a single tree can survive till 900 years. As a popular story describes, the inhabitants of Egypt used to preserve their mummies by using Cedarwood oil, and natives of America used it for decontamination of their homes and environment.

Cedarwood Essential OilMethod of extraction: ‘how’ the heavenly mixture is made

If we closely analyze the process of extraction of the Cedarwood Essential Oil, we see that Cedarwood pieces, shreds and branches along with wood dust are put into refining, through distilled water and then put into containers for the process of condensation. The resultant liquid amounts to more or less 40%. The main chemical constituents that are used in this oil include a liquid called cedrene, thujopsene, and refined widdrol.

But one important caution is to be maintained and that is, Cedarwood oil in intense form should not be used or inhaled, or used during pregnancy or even under normal circumstances. It should always be mixed with carrier oil, like coconut or olive oil. This reduces skin pimples or other sort of pain. It is generally opined by famous beauty experts that Cedarwood oil can be mixed with benzoinic products, and other vital oils like bergamot, cypress, jasmine, rosemary, lemon or oils with lavender residues.

Look like a princess: ‘true’ benefits of the magic liquid

The restorative, medicinal and therapeutic properties of this essential oil can be summed up as follows:

•    Cedarwood Essential oil can have miraculous consequences for various ailments like inhalation problems, bronchial disorders, and problems in respiratory tracts, cyst in the abdomen, gouts, acne-prone skin, and hair-related problems. However, special attention is required that it is not taken in excess; otherwise it can have negative effects on respiratory systems of body.

•    Several doctors and lifestyle practitioners suggest Cedarwood Essential oil as an effective stimulant, during control of blood sugar, as a cough and cold medicine, for killing insects by spraying it, as a tranquilizer, and it is also good for its anti-fungal effects.

•    Cedarwood Essential oil’s have enormous importance in the area of beauty guidance, it is also used to maintain oil balance of skin, and keep skin protected from dermatological problems like itching, scaling, fungal infection, or white flakes in hair.

•    In the modern age, with all modern amenities, and man being caught terribly in the competition market, it is a common phenomenon that most people find it difficult to sleep, due to stress, tension, sexual dysfunctions, or mental problems. Cedarwood oil is used by health experts, and also by spa-therapists, and hypnotherapists, to help the patients to sleep.

•    The Himalayan or the Virginian variety of the Cedarwood oil is widely acknowledged and used by aroma therapists all over the globe, in countries ranging from China, Tibet, India, and Malaysia to U.K., U.S.A and many European countries.

The normal price range for Cedarwood oil can be approximately $3 to $5, in small quantity, and it can go up to even $60 for 1 kilogram. Whatever the price is, the uses and advantages are quite obviously praiseworthy. It can be used as a prominent health potion also for enhancing proper working of muscles, nerves, lungs and digestive systems. So it can surely be called a magic liquid.